Whether you’d like to meet for a quick coffee/catchup or if you’d like to work with me more formally, I’d be happy to engage for a chat to discuss how I can help.

With 17 years of experience in all manner of practices including Learning, Professional Services, Onboarding and Customer Success, I can help you to craft the strategies that help drive success in delivering massive value to your customers.

While I’ve been specializing in Digital Customer Success over the last few years, I can help with refining your pre & post sale processes, staffing, tooling & strategy.

“Alex worked with us to quickly identify the areas of our post-sale programs where we were excelling and where certain gaps existed. From the moment we began working with him, it was clear that he had a thorough understanding of how to drive customer success and retention.

Alex’s approach included a customer on-site (from which we got great feedback), as well as collaborative sessions with the team in which he listened closely to current state and also offered suggestions for improvements. He lent his expertise and his ear to help us identify a path forward for our post-sales motions.”

Matthias Stoever – CEO, RockED

15 Minute

Let’s grab a quick coffee and talk shop in this lighting round of networking! Would love to talk about all manner of things and learn more about you!

Talk soon!

1 Hour Mentorship / Consultancy

This hour is yours to utilize how you see fit. Either bring specific issues/challenges/questions that you need advice on or, turn the meeting over to me to ask questions and provide advice.

Looking forward to working with you!