Hello! I’m Alex Turkovic. Pleased to meet you!

I wanted to share a bit about me, beyond what’s on my LinkedIn profile – which has lots of things to look at – but like most profiles, doesn’t read too well.

Alex Turkovic

To start at the beginning, I was born in Vienna, Austria where I spent my early childhood and moved to the states when I was 9. My dad is an Austrian native, so it’s always nice to go back for a visit.

Fast forward a few years, I graduated with a degree in Music Production/Audio Engineering from Berklee College of Music in Boston, before moving to Nashville to make records for a few years. That was fun and exciting, but the highlight was definitely meeting my future wife there as well, who was also in the music biz.

We both were somewhat disillusioned with the music industry by the time we met and decided to move to Austin, TX, where we’ve lived since 2007. We opened up a cooking school for kids, which was a fantastic entrepreneurial experience – but to pay the bills, I started working at Dell in Learning & Development.

Starting my tech journey at Dell was a fantastic experience that would set me up for the next few years, in which my career steadily morphed with a collection of leadership roles in various companies, ranging in roles including L&D, customer education, professional services and customer success.

For the past few years, I have been hyper focused on (you guessed it) digital customer success and founded this podcast in an effort to share the things that I have learned and to also continue my own learning journey by interviewing some of the best and brightest in the industry.

I am humbled and honored to consider many of you regular listeners of the show and promise to continue to create content that you find valuable in your own CS journey. Thanks for being part of the ride and for your continued support!

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