The Digital Customer Success Podcast

The podcast for Customer Success leaders and practitioners alike; focused on creating community and learning opportunities centered around the burgeoning world of Digital & Scaled Customer Success.

Hosted by Alex Turkovic, each episode will feature real and in-depth interviews with fascinating people within and without the CS community. We’ll cover a wide range of topics, all related to building and innovating your own digital CS practices. …and of course generative AI will be discussed.

We are excited to be included in Intellum’s list of top Customer Education Podcasts!

We aren’t traditionally a Customer Education show, but the topic comes up very often as CE and CX are tightly interrelated. We’ve had some great CE leaders on and will continue to do so. Many thanks to Intellum for being included on the list. If you’re interested in customer education, go check out this post for other podcasts in the space AND check out what Intellum is all about while you’re at it.


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