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The Digital Customer Success Sweet Spot

The Digital Customer Success Sweet Spot

If you're getting into the world of Digital Customer Success (DCS), it can be hard to identify some of the building blocks for a successful program. Even veteran CS & Operations leaders sometimes struggle cultivating vibrant digital programs. Why? It's likely...

With every episode, comes not only the wisdom of each guest, but also a healthy list of the resources that they mention throughout the conversation.

While all of the mentioned resources are available in the show notes and YouTube description of each episode, here I’ve compiled all of the resources mentioned in each episode into one place for ease of access. Enjoy!

Your Host – Alex Turkovic

Alex’s Resource Links (Click to Expand)

    • Communities:

        • DCS Connect – A Slack community devoted solely to Digital Customer Success founded by Marie Lunney.

    • Apps:

        • HeyGen – AI video creation from scrips. Great way to create multi-lingual videos from one source language video.

Dee Kapila – Ep. 038

Dee’s Resource Links (Click to Expand)

Ezra Zimbler – Ep. 037

Ezra’s Resource Links (Click to Expand)

Sara Roberts – Ep. 036

Sara’s Resource Links (Click to Expand)

Annie Dean – Ep. 035

Annie’s Resource Links (Click to Expand)

Anika Zubair – Ep. 034

Anika’s Resource Links

    • Apps:

        • Bagel – Tie product features to revenue opportunities and customer feedback

    • Shoutouts:

        • Dan Ennis

        • Jay Nathan

        • Jeff Breunsbach

Anita Toth – Ep. 033

Anita’s Resource Links

Bhavika Kochhar – Ep. 032

Bhavika’s Resource Links

    • Resources

        • Customer Success Mindset: Building Customer-Centricity into the DNA of your Growth Strategy by Jyo Shukla:

        • The AI Empowered Customer Experience: A CX practitioner’s guide to the possibilities and risks of AI by Simon Kriss:

Alyssa Opella – Ep. 031

Alyssa’s Resource Links

Marie Lunney – Ep. 030

Marie’s Resource Links

Jon Johnson – Ep. 029

Jon’s Resource Links

Jeff Kushmerek – Ep 028

Jeff’s Resource Links

Chris Dishman – Ep. 027

Chris’s Resource Links

Markus Rentsch – Ep. 026

Markus’ Resource Links

Greg Daines – Ep. 025

Greg’s Resource Links

Donna Weber – Ep. 024

Donna’s Resource Links

Lane Holt – Ep. 023

Lane’s Resource Links

Dillon Young – Ep. 022

Dillon’s Resource Links

Kristi Faltorusso – Ep. 021

Kristi’s Resource Links

Alyssa Nolte – Ep. 020

Alyssa’s Resource Links

Kailey Killoran – Ep. 019

Kailey’s Resource Links

Aaron Hatton – Ep. 018

Aaron’s Resource Links

Alex Farmer – Ep. 017

Alex’s Resource Links

Michael Bojanski – Ep. 016

Michael’s Resource Links

Dan Ennis – Ep. 015

Dan’s Resource Links

    • Shoutouts:

        • Angelika Marek – Lead Digital Customer Success Manager at Bazaarvoice

Matthew Lind – Ep. 014

Matthew’s Resource Links

    • Shoutouts:

        • Lane Holt of Gainsight:
          “Don’t boil the ocean but instead, make a pot of tea”

        • 1Password for their Digital CS Strategy

Jen Jackson – Ep. 013

Jen’s Resource Links

Nick Mehta & Kellie Capote – Ep. 012

Nick & Kellie’s Resource Links

Simon Kriss – Ep. 011

Simon’s Resource Links

Joel Passen – Ep. 010

Joel’s Resource Links

Stacie Chaney – Ep. 008

Stacie’s Resource Links

Ralphie English – Ep. 007

Ralphie’s Resource Links

Jan Young – Ep. 006

Jan’s Resource Links

Jeff Breunsbach – Ep. 005

Jeff’s Resource Links

    • Newsletter:

        • Chartr Newsletter – Data visualization:

Jeff Beaumont – Ep. 004

Jeff’s Resource Links

Bhavani Prasad – Ep. 003

Bhavani’s Resource Links

Chad Horenfeldt – Ep. 002

Chad’s Resource Links

    • Tool:

    • Shoutouts:

        • Dan Ennis @ (featured in episode 15 of this podcast)

        • Catalyst software for their open publications of CS best practices

Mickey Powell – Ep. 001

Mickey’s Resource Links

    • Shoutouts:

        • Dan Ennis @ (featured in episode 15 of this podcast)