Below are several speaking and podcast appearances by Alex.


Spotlight on CS Ops Podcast Ep. 23

May 30, 2024
Joining Matthew & Jean for this episode of their show was such a great time! We talked through how Digital, AI and Ops overlap. Thanks for the invite folks!


Cross-collaboration in CS

Lifetime Value: The Daily Standup Ep. 14

May 17, 2024
Cross-collaboration in CS – and especially Digital CS is so critical. In this episode of TDSU we riff on the collaboration with Product and why it’s a no brainer. Gotta love Dillon Young, Jean-Pierre Frost and Rob Zambito!


Cross-collaboration in CS

CSM Practive

April 17, 2024
Irit Eizips was kind enough to invite me to have a lovely conversation on her show all about how I’ve been scaling CS using digital motions and how I’ve been amplifying others doing the same via the DCS Podcast. Thanks for having me, Irit!


Managing many customers with scaled CS.

Success Unscripted Podcast Episode 8

Success Unscripted: S1 E8: Workplace Trauma

Feb 16, 2024
I was honored to be asked to join Sara Roberts on her fantastic show where she digs into individuals’ professional journeys in CS. Usually, some incredibly deep conversations ensue and this one was no different as we get into all sorts of challenges that are inherent in the modern tech workplace.


Creating opportunities for vulnerability in 1:1s.

CS School: Demystifying Digital Customer Success

Feb 9, 2024
I joined this episode of the Customer Success Collective podcast to talk all about digital customer success. This was in part to promote the upcoming CS Festival in Austin, but also has a lot of great info about the ins and outs of digital CS.


The Digital CS Sweet Spot

Lifetime Value: S2E01: What’s a CS?

Dec 7, 2023
Dillon Young, host of the Lifetime Value podcast put together a star studded cast and unique format for season 2 of his podcast, and I was humbled to be a part of the cast of characters interviewed for this series.


Customer Success Talks: Exploring Digital Customer Success

Sept 11, 2023
A great conversation where we unpack the ‘basics’ of digital CS. This is such a wonderful podcast with wonderful hosts and great questions!



Matik Scale + CS Summit

June 6th, 2024
-> Human & Machine Symbiosis in Customer Success

Customer Success Festival Austin

Feb 13th & 15th, 2024
-> Human & Machine Symbiosis in Customer Success
-> Panel: The Future of CS Leadership

ClientSuccess Webinar

Oct 24, 2023
-> Human & Machine Symbiosis in Customer Success

Gainsight Pulse Encore Austin

Oct. 19th, 2023
-> Building the Foundation of Digital Customer Success with Lane Holt